Firewalking: a Journey of Transformation & Self Discovery

I’m ECSTATIC to report that I’ve had the most incredible, transformative experience of my life and am wanting to share some of the highlights with you! I recently graduated from a Firewalking Instructor Training (aka FIT), where I received my official certification from Master Firewalking Instructors Kevin Axtell & Tolly Burkan. Tolly is Kevin’s mentor & the man who taught Firewalking to Tony Robbins himself. They are both so humble, funny & wise… what an honor and a pleasure it was!!!

Throughout my life, I’ve overcome tremendous difficulties in order to become a truly happy person. At 19 years old, I had a sudden awakening which shattered my misery and put me on a journey of self discovery. Since then, I’ve spent years studying a multitude of paths of personal development on the road to this level of personal satisfaction.

My explorations in excellence have included training in Meditation, Kung Fu, Yoga, Ninjitsu, Vipassana, Flow Arts, Mind-Body Medicine, Psychology & even practical applications of Quantum Physics. The amazing thing is that the FIT truly tied it all together for me. It focused on so many concepts which are at the heart of those practices, and the lessons felt totally true to my experience of life.


Not only was I shown the ways to build & tend a fire to safely conduct a Firewalk, but we were taught how to facilitate Glasswalking, a Trust Fall, Arrow, Board & Brick Breaking, Rebar Bending & (drum roll please…) how to Put a 5” needle through your hand… without bleeding or crying ; )

Quite naturally, we had to participate in all of these activities before being certified to teach them, and the course taught me so many lessons truly demonstrating how EVERYTHING holding us back from achieving the life we want for ourselves is really in our minds. My main takeaways include the incredible power of:

  • Arriving early for everything

  • Paying full & complete attention to the moment

  • Staying present to the internal feelings arising when making choices

  • How there is time for everything (fast/slow, pleasure/challenge, giving/receiving)

  • How to stay emotionally aware no matter what the external environment is like

  • Being TOTALLY ok that I’ll never figure it out… because that IS figuring it out

It’s always been my greatest wish to share the wisdom I was taught on my journey and open a path for others to experience the love I have in my heart for this life. This training has given me innumerable tools for sharing my ecstatic joy with others. I’m so excited to empower people to perform these inconceivable exercises, as I believe that it takes the willingness to face fear and darkness to truly find love and walk in the light.

What’s the next step?!? I’m going to include the essence of this fantastic material in my SkyFire Arts Academy classes!!! I’m starting to teach again January 21 with a 3 hour Intro Workshop. Then, starting Feb 5th, I’m teaching Phase One, which is a 6 Week Series every Monday night 7:30-9:30. I’m holding these events at the most amazing holistic health & wellness center I know of… The Station Colab! The ultimate goal is to offer people who are committed to their personal development path the chance to conquer a primal fear… and dance with lightning using Tesla coils!

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-Michael Ravenwood