SkyFire Arts at 5tardium in Korea

We are excited to share this video from our recent performance at 5tardium in Korea! Michael Ravenwood lights a fire-sword with one million volts of electricity to initiate the performance which served as the peak of the festival. Standing atop a 9 foot platform and completely surrounded by 25,000 audience members, he hurls 10 foot arcs of electricity to the beats of electronica… and the crowd goes wild!


5tardium created an thrilling event exploring myth through innovative technology and exotic performances. SkyFireArts performed in the center of the Olympic stadium, and all 5 stages surrounding the show were shut down to focus attention on our performance. In addition to a neo-tribal warrior wielding a flaming sword and the Tesla coil’s white-hot arcs, our show featured pyrotechnics, laser light shows, and 15 huge IMAG screens. We’re grateful for the opportunity to bring our unique offering to such an amazing new level in Korea.