SkyFire Arts at Pyrotrainia 2017

SkyFire Arts Director, Michael Ravenwood, in addition to teaching several Flowshops,  shared his inspiring story of a sudden, unexpected awakening experience. In this video he shares the moment of his rebirth and how the perspective its given him would completely transform the modern world. He tells of how, through a remarkable “coincidence”, he came to be among the only people in the world to dance with real, high voltage electricity. Most importantly, he provides scientific reference for a picture of reality which spiritual teachers have been describing for thousands of years, and offers a path for anyone in the audience to discover the ultimate truth of life for themselves. We hope you enjoy the video!

Pyrotrainia is a fire artist empowerment training retreat. This year we celebrated their 10th annual event. Attendees experienced the transformational power of firewalking, fire dancing, board-breaking, juggling, intention setting, group activities, and so much more. It was a profound experience and attendees learned how to cultivate their inner fire while refining their skills in dancing with fire.