SkyFire Logo


Introducing the SkyFire Arts logo! 

The concept was designed by our Creative Director, Michael Ravenwood and the drawing is by Abhi Thati.

The eye in the center represents our consciousness, which is the thing that quantum physicists have discovered transforms potentiality & probability into physical reality. The wings represent a relationship to the primal, animal world, the ability to ride the sky and freedom. The fire and lightning symbolize a connection with the raw power of the elements: their light, warmth, and energy corresponding to insight/inspiration, encouragement/compassion, and change/transformation. The various design elements represent forms of cultural refinement in which both contemporary knowledge & ancient wisdom are both highly valued. The lotus is a symbol of how the beauty in the world arises from & is nourished by decay, or how compassion arises from suffering. It also reflects the toroid, which is a shape that has been associated with the design of our physical universe and represents the singularity through which all things are created and into which all things ultimately return. 

We hope you enjoy our new aesthetic!