The Best (and Worst) of EDC Las Vegas 2015 in LA Weekly


What a trip! LA Weekly has named our show on of the best moments of EDC Vegas this year! 

See excerpt from their article below! 

Best: The Tesla Coil Guy
I know, I know: You’ve seen a million Tesla coils at Coachella and Burning Man. They probably sell the goddamn things at Sharper Image by now. But the performer working a small but vigorous coil at EDC was truly something special. Clad in head-to-toe chain mail and twirling two metal staffs like some demented Cirque du Soleil reject, Tesla coil guy made the lightning dance from his fingertips to his staffs and back again with such precision, the frequency of the coil’s electrical whine actually seemed to match the buzzy trance soundtrack that accompanied his choreographed routine. He also had some weird positive-affirmation voiceovers that didn’t really make any sense, but all that arcing electricity was so spectacular that it hardly mattered. — Andy Hermann