Throwing lightning promotes sustainability?


I received a question recently on social media asking about how our art is supposed to promote ecological sustainability. After responding, I thought I should add my post to our website so I can refer people to it when they ask this very reasonable question in future:

“That’s a great question, and I can only hope everyone reading this thinks the same of my answer~;-}> I’ll start by using an analogy… Al Gore, to promote his film An Inconvenient Truth, clocked a great deal of flight hours. Looked at as an isolated element, one could clearly say that his travel schedule wasn’t ecologically friendly.

However, looked at as a whole, one can conclude that the overall impact his film had far outweighed the cost. In Ecology-speak, we are working towards having our Energy Return on Energy Invested (ERoEI) Sustainable and even Regenerative. Our project, while admittedly still quite far from having even a neutral carbon footprint, is designed ultimately to make us carbon positive once we reach a certain tipping point… How?

Like Al Gore’s movie, we intend to reach a great deal of people with a crucial message: Lasting happiness & real fulfillment comes from understanding the true nature of energy and taking responsibility for how you’re using it every day. If you don’t show people how it’s in their interests to behave responsibly towards the environment, it’s far more challenging to encourage sustainable behavior. So how do we establish this connection?

Quantum Physics has demonstrated that all matter is energy in one form or another, that it’s all connected, and that our conscious mind affects it by awareness alone. We wish to share the fact that this most modern, sophisticated form of physical science has verified a model of reality which has been in existence since ancient times, and facilitate a shift in our cultural paradigm whereby unsustainable practices will organically fall away… like a snake’s skin when the time is right.

There’s far more to that piece of our puzzle than I can go into here, but some practical elements I haven’t mentioned include 1) collaborations & partnerships with sustainable energy companies 2) a full-scale mythological circus production conveying our message through interactive storytelling 3) a midway/foyer[marketplace] that serves as a bridge for audience members to adopt sustainable lifestyle practices & 4) an online platform for tracking how much impact we’ve had on the lifestyle of our audience members and demonstrating our positive, overall carbon footprint.

Thank you so much for your very reasonable question… I’ve been waiting for you! For the more skeptically minded reader with questions about how I just qualified the nature of reality itself, please refer to the book The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra… and be ready for a long trip down the rabbit hole. Please say hi to Alice for me, we’re good friends~;-}>”

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