SkyFire Arts at Warner Bros Gala 2014


On May 23rd we brought our lightning show to the Warner Bros Annual Gala. Check out this excerpt from Biz Bash Magazine below! 


Skyfire performed on an elevated 17-by-40-foot truss frame using electrical currents generated from a 15-foot tesla coil.

LOS ANGELES – In a town with dozens of events every week, party guests frequently follow a standard valet-bar-buffet-valet pattern. But on a particularly crowded night for parties in Hollywood, one bash offered attendees out-of-the-ordinary options like, say, walking across hot coals or bearing witness to a giant flaming voodoo doll, along with the de rigueur plates of salmon and salad. That event was the Warner Brothers International Television Distribution gala, which drew 1,500 guests—including broadcasters from more than 170 countries and more than 125 actors and producers from the studio’s 50-plus TV series.

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