SeaWorld has an end-of-summer celebration that includes some of the hottest shows and parades in the park.
— Fox 5 San Diego
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Photo by @CuriousJosh

Photo by @CuriousJosh

Michael Ravenwood and SkyFire Arts are using dance, storytelling, and all-natural electricity—yes, ten-foot crackling arcs of real electricity—to unite audiences in transformational performances.
— Sasha Frate, Face the Current, Author

an electrifying (literally) live performance
— Electrical Business Mag
SkyFire Arts Shazam Red Carpet Premiere


As seen in Michael Cerebelli’s “The Hot List” 2019


As seen in Las Vegas Review Journal

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A badass show
— Billboard

Truly something special... so spectacular
— LA Weekly
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Deserves a standing ovation after the eyelids peeled back over all three nights.
— Magnetic Mag

Hands-down the most eye-catching side-show of the weekend…. giving a new meaning to the term ‘conductor’.
— Less Than 3 Blog
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An electrifying act
— Calgary Herald

Out of the ordinary.
— Biz Bash
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The most electrifying performance in the music festival scene right now… such a mesmerizing show.