Our shows & safety procedures have been approved by Fire Marshalls & other safety authorities around the world for both indoor and outdoor performances.

With a decade in business, we have a 100% safety record.


1) Safety Perimeter

Our safety distances are double the maximum possible arc length for a show. This perimeter is marked by crowd barricades that prevent the audience from entering the performance area.

2) Safety Personnel

Trained safety personnel are stationed around the perimeter of the performance area. Their job is to observe the crowd and prevent breech by audience members or foreign objects.

3) Emergency Stop Procedure

Our Tesla Operator’s sole responsibility is to hit the emergency stop button should there be a breech of the perimeter. The Operator is in communication with the entire Safety Crew and is monitoring the perimeter throughout the performance. Emergency shut down take less than a second.



SkyFire Arts Team EDC Las Vegas 2018

Faraday Suits

Our specially designed Faraday suits prevent electromagnetic fields from reaching the inside. Because of the way we have designed our suits and our performance area, when a performer is hit with an electrical arc, the electricity passes along the surface of the suit to ground.

Our Safety Crew checks each suit inch by inch before every show to ensure suit integrity.