Client FAQ

Lightning Dancing and Lightning Throwing... What’s the difference?

  • In Dancing shows, the performer(s) dance across the stage as they manipulate arcs of lightning that radiate from the Tesla Coil itself.

  • In Throwing shows, the performer stands atop a 9ft platform and throws lightning bolts down towards the stage or towards other dancers on the stage. In these shows the performer on the platform is the source of lightning.

  • Some show packages include both Throwing and Dancing. In these, the finale features the performer standing on the platform throwing arcs of lightning down to the dancers on the stage.

Tesla and Giant Tesla... What's the difference?

  • If you have looked through our EPK you have noticed that we have 3 tiers of packages. All Tier 2 packages are Tesla Packages. These use our regular sized Tesla Coil that is 4ft tall and throws arcs of lightning up to 6 ft long. This coil is a great option for venues and events where space or budget is a limiting factor.

  • All Tier 3 packages are Giant Tesla Packages. Our Giant Tesla Coil is 8ft tall and throws arcs of lightning up to 12 ft long. These packages represent our full scale production.