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What is the SkyFire Arts Academy?

SkyFire Arts Academy focuses on practices which develop the mind-body connection, enhancing life experience and improving performance. We offer training in numerous disciplines and demonstrate how any artistic path can be used to find happiness. There is no comparison to the incredible energy we experience when discovering our true inspiration and acting in accordance with it. SkyFire Arts Academy is designed to facilitate this vital connection, now commonly known as the Flow State. 

Our workshops exercise both the mind & the body, enhancing the capacity to both think and move freely. The physical aspect includes practices from various disciplines such as Yoga, Qi Gong, Kung Fu & Flow Arts, while the mental aspect includes the study of Meditation, Psychology and the relationship between Science & Spirit. Through our courses, students also review their lifestyle to get clear on where they are and what they really want. The course material creates perspective and helps participants experience more confidence in the pursuit of their dreams. Our goal as a company is to enjoy life deeply while developing human excellence, and the Academy is where we have fun activating our highest potential.

Academy Offerings

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We have offered workshops at events around the world, and provide ongoing courses in Los Angeles & San Diego Our 3 hour intro workshop is designed to introduce participants to SkyFire Arts, including the basic physical & mental exercises in the system. Our full 3 phase immersive program empowers individuals to face their primal fears with joy, and offers dedicated individuals to dance with both fire & high voltage electricity.

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We offer a signature 15 minute presentation called “Science of the Sublime”, which covers the connection between mind and matter in addition to recounting the origin story of SkyFire Arts. We also offer lectures and talks on energy awareness, permaculture and lifestyle. With a unique combination of performance art, philosophy, science and metaphysics, Michael & his esteemed guests convey a vision of our world in which anything we truly desire is possible!

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One-on-one private instruction in energy consciousness held either in person, or using video conferencing. Participants are guided to set up a realistic life development program and begin conducting their energy towards the realization of their dreams. This option makes our program available to people around the world who want to increase their efficiency and effectiveness by increasing awareness of energy flow.

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Corporate Trainings

Taught by our Creative Director and his esteemed guests, your team will learn creative focus practices, stress management techniques and advanced concentration through our signature movement programs. These events are available at your location or as an immersive 1-3 day experience at a select venue. This latter option can include delicious and healthy meals as well as spectacular and awe inspiring entertainment.

Upcoming Classes

Teacher Bio

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Michael Ravenwood

Michael Ravenwood was born in Tokyo, Japan, and moved to the Philippines & Singapore before coming to live in America. Over 30 years ago, he began studying Martial Arts and has trained in numerous styles including Karate, Ninjutsu, Kung Fu & Tai Chi. It was at that time that he also began practicing Meditation, and has studied Chi Kung (Qi Gong) in addition to Tibetan & Yogic systems of contemplation. More than 20 years ago, he achieved a degree in Psychology with Honors while taking courses in Quantum Physics, Mind-Body Medicine & Global Spirituality. Over 10 years ago, Michael weaved his Yoga & Martial training with a passion for Dance through Fire Performance. Since then, he has become an International Cirque Performer, Dance & Meditation Instructor, Event Producer & Business Owner. As the Creative Director of his performing arts company SkyFire Arts, Michael writes Spoken Word pieces that convey life affirming inspiration with pointed humor. As one of SkyFire’s Lead Performers, he uses giant Tesla coils to throw 10 foot arcs of high voltage electricity. He has been teaching Dance & Meditation at Festivals, Cirque Schools, Dojos, Dance Studios, and Privately since 2009. In 2017, Michael became a certified Firewalking Instructor, and is qualified to teach a host of breakthrough empowerment exercises for psychological growth and development.


Working with Michael is as much mind opening as it is heart expanding. You can feel his passion and enthusiasm from the beginning and it’s contagious. He has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to offer and he speaks from a place of “truth” that you rarely experience. Skyfire Arts is more than just fire & electricity; it is about consciousness embodied on multiple levels of the human experience. I am excited to immediately expand my daily practice with the very real and practical tools I just learned.
— Jeremy Weinglass
Best class ever!
— Line A., Art of Flow 2018 - 6 Week Series
Michael Ravenwood is not only a passionate and knowledgeable performer and teacher, he is a wonderful person as well. I highly recommend his flow classes if you are interested in learning the techniques and philosophy of flow arts!
— Krystin R., Art of Flow- Intro Workshop- Pyrotrainia Empowerment Retreat 2017
Couldn’t have learned from a better teacher!
— Ian Holaday, Dynamic Equilibrium- 6 week Workshop Series- Aerial Revolution Cirque Academy
Michael Ravenwood’s expertise has benefited my ever transformational journey of life. His intent, gratuity, and calmness has given me better structure and ritual that has become a liberating pillar in my own being.
— FrancisRyanCœur, Ecstatic Flow Arts- 3 day Intensive- Lucid University
Thank you Michael, It was a blessing to have experienced Ecstatic Flow and have the opportunity to meet you and everyone else in the class. Thanks for all of your commitment and effort you put toward the quality of this experience.
— Douglas Scanlan, Ecstatic Flow Arts- 3 day Intensive- Lucid University
Michael knows his craft and is super passionate about flow. He practices it, he lives it, and he loves passing on what he’s learned. I had a lot of fun during the flow course week… I’d definitely take another class from him!
— Alana Robinson, Ecstatic Flow Arts- 3 day Intensive- Lucid University 2016
Awesome class today! Comprehensive, covering the technical aspects of staff and also the inner qualities that help facilitate mindfulness and poise in performance and movement arts….all while having fun and getting a work-out!
— Angelina A., Dynamic Equilibrium- 6 week Workshop Series- Aerial Revolution Cirque Academy
Such a great experience for us all… The multiple formats of martial arts that were presented seemed to even help me walk better, I feel more present in each step… I have some background in staff flow and have been practicing for about 4 years, and now after the visuals and guidance received from your class I feel like I’ve sharpened my stance and conscious mobility with the staff…. I left your class with an incredible sense of gain. I will take this knowledge with me and share it with whom I feel could also benefit.
— Spencer, Ecstatic Flow Arts- 3 day Intensive- Lucid University
I really enjoyed how the workshop combined movement and meditation in a practical way to not only teach the foundation of fire dancing, but to make that mind-body connection even more obvious (also the passion that both you and Tomm have for your crafts is sincere and present - makes a big difference).

In general I felt the workshop was a great introduction to many different worlds that happen to be intrinsically linked. I never really had an interest in fire dancing but I now see the appeal for sure (as I’m sure people who are new to yoga, meditation, qi gong, etc. will leave with an interest in those practices).
— Louis Shin

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