a Fire and Lightning Performance Company


Our shows & safety procedures have been approved by Fire Marshalls & other safety authorities around the world for both indoor and outdoor performances.

With a decade in business, we have a 100% safety record.


1) Safety Perimeter

Our safety distances are double the maximum possible arc length for a show. This perimeter is marked by crowd barricades that prevent the audience from entering the performance area.

2) Safety Personnel

Trained safety personnel are stationed around the perimeter of the performance area. Their job is to observe the crowd and prevent breech by audience members or foreign objects.

3) Emergency Stop Procedure

Our Tesla Operator’s sole responsibility is to hit the emergency stop button should there be a breech of the perimeter. The Operator is in communication with the entire Safety Crew and is monitoring the perimeter throughout the performance. Emergency shut down take less than a second.



SkyFire Arts Team EDC Las Vegas 2018

Faraday Suits

Our specially designed Faraday suits prevent electromagnetic fields from reaching the inside. Because of the way we have designed our suits and our performance area, when a performer is hit with an electrical arc, the electricity passes along the surface of the suit to ground.

Our Safety Crew checks each suit inch by inch before every show to ensure suit integrity.


Client FAQ

How much does a show cost?

  • Our show is scalable to fit various budgets. Our EPK outlines several show options with basic pricing. Pricing in the EPK does not include travel or shipping costs.

  • The quickest way to get an all inclusive quote is to fill out our Booking Form.

  • Feel free to contact us with any questions about our packages and to assist in getting you an all inclusive quote.

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Storm Rider - Calgary.jpg

Is this show safe?

  • Safety is our number one priority. We design our show set up to keep the audience, the performers, and our crew safe.

  • We have been in business for a decade, with shows all over the world and we have a 100% safety record. No-one has ever been harmed in the making of this show!

  • Want to know more? Look over our full safety procedure here, which Fire Marshalls around the country have approved for both indoor and outdoor performances.

How much space do you need to do a show?

  • Under each package in our EPK you can find the Minimum Safety Area that must be free of all audience members in order to produce an incredible show.

  • If you have more space, we can power up the coil so that it creates even longer arcs. Let us know how much space you have and we can create a safe and spectacular show within those dimensions.

  • If you have something within our safety area, we can often shield it with a faraday cage. Contact us if you are unsure if your space meets our safety requirements.

Arclight - EDC Brasil.jpg

Cyclone Duet - TSE 2019 - 3.jpg

Can you do a lightning show indoors?

  • Yes! As long as you have enough space to meet our safety requirements. Our EPK details the safety distances for each package.

  • This picture is from an indoor show at San Diego Convention Center.

  • If you are unsure if your space meets the safety requirements, send us a message.

Lightning Dancing and Lightning Throwing... What’s the difference?

  • In Dancing shows, the performer(s) dance across the stage as they manipulate arcs of lightning that radiate from the Tesla Coil itself.

  • In Throwing shows, the performer stands atop a platform and throws lightning bolts down towards lightning rods or performers on the stage. In these shows the performer on the platform is the source of lightning.

  • Some show packages include both Throwing and Dancing. In these, the finale features the performer standing on the platform throwing arcs of lightning down to the dancers on the stage.

Storm Rider - EDC Brasil.jpg

Tesla and Giant Tesla... What's the difference?

  • If you have looked through our EPK you have noticed that we have 3 tiers of packages. All Tier 2 packages are Tesla Packages. These use our regular sized Tesla Coil creates arcs of lightning up to 7 ft long. This coil is a great option for venues and events where space or budget is a limiting factor.

  • All Tier 3 packages are Giant Tesla Packages. Our Giant Tesla Coil is creates arcs of lightning up to 12 ft long. These packages represent our full scale production.